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EORI Registration
What is RORI number?

EORI (Economic Operators' Registration and Identification) number is a unique number that issued by EU members’ customs for enterprises or individuals. Once registered in any one of EU member countries, the EORI number can be applied in all EU member countries. An enterprises can get EORI number by registering in the customs of registration country (Registration country of VAT number), then it becomes an effective and legal import and export operator. With this number, operators can communicate with any one of EU customs authorities. This is also an essential number to communicate with customs cases like import and export declaration.

Why register EORI number?

Upon the time that an enterprise's goods arrival at any one of EU countries customs or before leaving these customs, it needs to show its EORI number to the customs so as to make declaration. When exporting goods and materials from non-EU countries and making declaration to EU customs, an enterprise needs to show its EORI number. Even when enterprises or individuals need to import machinery and equipment, exhibition supplies, samples, office supplies and other goods from countries outside EU they also need to provide the EORI number, even if the enterprises or individuals usually do not engage in import and export business. When information exchange of goods flowing happens between all EU countries customs, an EORI number is also needed.

Companies that Need to Register EORI Number

Exporting cargo to EU countries or Exporting cargo from EU countries to non-EU countries.
Practitioners that engaging in EU countries online B2C.
Chinese companies that have offices in EU countries and need to import samples, office supplies or exhibiting goods from non-EU countries.
Or a requirement from other EU countries' clients that Chinese companies should provide EORI number

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