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Why TaxFreeChina of heading overseas management services
2020-05-18NewsCompany News

There are many customers in overseas registered pending tariff line and management service, our service and some foreign companies (agent or foreign companies in the domestic) compared, single service costs, our service fee standards only some foreign companies offer of 75% or less, but if you compare the quality of service, customers can find the gap between the level of service. The foreign companies acting in its little tax management service only tax sales tax, namely customer every month according to standard provided to the other side, by the other party to deal with tax issues; taxfree provides services not only tax sales tax, we will to the customer in the billing rules; customs clearance bill management, application and management of the customs code, the tax bureau audit document preparation, various aspects of the tax rebate batch guide give a full range of services, and these services to customers is not required to pay the costs of the other. Taxfree company direct communication with foreign tax authorities, eliminates the need for third party, also can be for customers to save time cost, we in the local registration and time difference advantage language can allow us to provide more efficient service for the customer, communication and system for fast and efficient tax guidance can let our customers from the tax Bureau fined and avoid the tax bureau punitive cancellation tariff. We also reasonable tax avoidance guidance for customers to save a large amount of cash flow.

Taxfree company has in overseas tariff management operation more than 10 years of experience, we are now managing more than 80 cross-border business overseas tax identification number, in the part of overseas project contracting the China Company tax rebate also overseas by our management, nearly half a year to several foreign companies cross-border business tax management informantion management authorization we will illustrate the recognition of our service.

Taxfree company is willing to provide efficient localization of tax services for China Company.

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